Gifts for the World Traveler

World travelers tend to pack as light as possible, and so each item they bring is intentional and useful. This can make gift giving difficult, but with a little research, a gift may become an important tool in their everyday life. There is a lot of new technology out there for the traveler, and it can improve the quality of life for those who find themselves on the move.

First of all, what do you need when you are always on the road? A good container in which to carry all your other things, of course. Think backpacks, briefcases, wallets, and luggage. A good carrying case can mean the difference between a comfortable journey and your belongings lost in an airplane cargo hold. Globe trotters come in all different types, but whether you are backpacking through China or flying first class to business meetings across Europe, a good sturdy pack is always necessary.

A good camera is a great item for the person who is likely to encounter many picture-worthy sites. Digital is the way to go these days, and durable is preferred. Or perhaps just a little extra memory space, if they already own a camera. Uploading pictures to make more room can be difficult or impossible on the road, extra memory cards are an easy alternative.

Music can make long trips more enjoyable, and there are many portable music devices to choose from. Find something easy to use with enough space for their favorite music and podcasts. Extra battery life is always helpful, and don't forget a good pair of headphones.

Another piece of technology for the traveler is any of a variety of ebook reader devices on the market. Instead of carrying their favorite book with them, they can carry many titles in the convenience of one device. A subscription to an ebook service may also be the way to go, to make sure they always have more titles to dive into.

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